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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With 13 Festive Cocktails (Recipes)

Are you ready for St. Patrick's Day?

I sure am! But one thing's for certain: I'm not drinking any of that stale green beer this year. Ok ... well, maybe. But let's start off the celebration with some beverages that are a little more exciting. (If, however, you insist on drinking green beer but don't want to use food coloring, consider using a healthy, natural alternative. More details on that here.) 

If you want to drink something festive, why not mix up some lovely cocktails that will make everyone green with envy? Here are some favorites:

1. Irish Flag Shooter

Irish Flag Shooter

This drink is tempting on so many levels -- it looks fun, it tastes delicious, and it can double as a super boozy dessert. I'm all in.

2. Sparkling Shamrock

Sparkling Shamrock

If you want something sweet, fruity, floral and fizzy, look no further.

3. Honeydew Martini

Honeydew Martini

Midori and vodka, anyone? Feel free to add a splash of something fizzy, like prosecco or soda, if you want to turn this into a highball. Or don't.

4. Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle

Considering how bright green this drink is, you might expect it to be ridiculously sugary, but it's actually a little more interesting than that. It is sweet, yes, but it also features herbal and citrus flavors as well as a few dashes of Angostura bitters that surprisingly tie it all together.

5. Zucchini + Sea Salt Vodka Soda

Sea Salt Vodka

Sounds wild, right? This light and refreshing cocktail will surprise you with its deliciousness, plus it packs a mean punch if you want to make it strong. If zucchini juice sounds too weird for you, swap it out for cucumber, carrot or any other sweet/savory veggie juice.

6. The Last Word

The Last Word

Do you think green drinks aren't your thing? Are you more into classic-tasting cocktails and don't want any of that newfangled sugar-packed stuff? This slightly sweet, delightfully bitter and refreshingly herbal cocktail featuring chartreuse, gin and maraschino liqueur (you'd love it with Luxardo liqueur, if you can find it) will rock your socks off.

7. Luck of the Irish

Sour apple soda? Irish whiskey? How did I not think of that?! These two ingredients are made for each other.

8. Baby Guinness Jell-O Shots

Baby Guinness Jell-O Shots

Not green, but festive and super adorable. These thick, boozy Jell-O shots just prove that stout and coffee are a match made in heaven!

9. Irish Julep

Irish Julep

Yep, this is exactly what it sounds like: a mint julep with Irish whiskey instead of bourbon. Super delicious for people who like their cocktails on the stronger side but still want a touch of festivity.

10. Verde Mary Cocktail with Green Tomatoes and Tomatillos

Verde Mary Cocktail

These are tasty any time, but they are particularly perfect should your St. Paddy's Day party carry on into the wee early hours of the morning.

11. Easy Cucumber Lime Punch

Cucumber Lime Punch

This light, tart and refreshing cocktail only require four ingredients; plus, you can make it ahead of time in a big batch. Perfect for company!

12. Grasshopper Cocktail

Grasshopper Cocktail

Are you a fan of mint chocolate milkshakes? Well, this is basically the martini version of that, so today is your lucky day.

13. The Perfect Black and Tan

The Perfect Black and Tan

Does a cocktail of beers count as a cocktail? I think so! Either way, you can't get more festive than a black and tan -- plus, it tastes WAY better than green beer.

*Note: If you want something a little less green and more classy, try some of these delightful Irish whiskey cocktails.