Dunkin' Donuts

Check Out Dunkin' Donuts Latest Fall Menu! (Photos)

Dunkin' Donuts is kicking it up a notch this fall with an entirely new lineup of fall festive treats. And by popular demand, Dunkin' will also bring back the classic pumpkin-flavored donuts, muffins and munchkins. And of course, the pumpkin-flavored cream cheese spread that you'll want to put on everything.

While I love my pumpkin-flavored this and pumpkin-flavored that, there is one kind of fall flavor that gets put in the backseat: maple. For all you maple mavens, prepare to dig in because Dunkin's new fall flavor is Maple Pecan. Check out the new items!

Maple pecan-flavored coffees and lattes are featured in this new fall menu.  Available in hot or iced coffee, espresso, frozen or cold brew, this delicious flavor is "a sweet and nutty taste for an exciting new way to stay energized around the changing of the seasons."

The Maple Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwich is the newest Dunkin' Donuts addition in the fall menu lineup featuring "a double portion of sweet caramelized maple sugar cherrywood smoked bacon served on a freshly-baked croissant with egg and cheese." All your basic breakfast flavors rolled into one: maple, bacon and cheese. 

Available only for a limited time through fall, these treats will likely run out by the dozens! Grab 'em quick.