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Check Out Krispy Kreme's America-Inspired Donuts (Photos)

As American as apple pie -- or rather, I should say as American as New York cheesecake, pecan pie, rocky road and peanut butter and jelly ... donuts.

At least, that's what Krispy Kreme would have us believe! 

As they do from time to time, the North Carolina-based chain has released four donuts in its U.K. locations intended to celebrate its American roots, and honestly they all look delicious.

The New York Cheesecake Donut features a classic yeast shell filled with Kreme cheese topped with vanilla icing cookie crumbs and white chocolate-flavored drizzle, according to Brand Eating.


One review from Amy Seeks New Treats said that "there was a slight tang to the [flavor], and it was certainly different to their standard Kreme," noting that "the sour edge helped to combat the resounding sweetness." The dough was "beautifully soft and fluffy," added the reviewer, and the cookie crumbs were "a welcome touch, helping to deliver the cheesecake element," though the "white chocolate topping didn't taste of white chocolate." Still sounds pretty good.

The Pecan Pie Donut, meanwhile, has a maple icing-dipped yeast ring donut topped with pecans and that same white chocolate-flavored drizzle.


Amy Seeks New Treats described it as "beautifully soft" and having "a rich depth of [flavor] from the "strong maple" taste -- great for maple-lovers. The small chopped nuts, Amy said, brought "a little crunchiness" though not tons of flavor. This one tastes a lot like the popular Maple Crunch donut, so give that one a try if you can't find the Pecan Pie variety.

The Rocky Road Donut is packed with a toffee and marshmallow filling and topped with chocolate drops, chocolate icing, a toffee drizzle and cookie crumbs. According to Amy, it's incredibly sweet and has a pleasantly strong toffee flavor, although it didn't necessarily resemble Rocky Road.


Finally, the PB and J donut is a Reese's peanut butter- and raspberry-filled yeast donut topped with raspberry sparkling icing, peanut butter chips and a peanut butter drizzle. Amy said this one was "sweet with a slight salinity" and that the filling had a great flavor balance too.


While you might see some of these donuts around long-term, depending on where you live (a slightly different version of the New York cheesecake one, for example, is available throughout the U.S. and Canada), they're around for only a limited time in the U.K., so hop on them while you can!