Check Out Taco Bell's Naked Chicken Chips

Naked Chicken Chips are at Taco Bell! Remember how good the Naked Chicken Chalupa was? Now it's time for fried chicken nacho chips, and that couldn't be more exciting.

Delish reports that starting May 11, Taco Bell will be offering the Naked Chicken Chips with a side of queso for dipping. The chips are expected to be crispy, and made of white meat chicken. They're different from chicken nuggets served with cheese in that they are sliced more thinly and shaped like chips, so that they have more of a crunch to them than regular ol' chicken nuggets.

Think of this new menu item as Taco Bell's version of the chicken nugget, which, according to USA Today, is a hot selling item for the chain's burger competitors. This way, Taco Bell can cash-in on those customers instead of letting them slip away to McDonald's and Wendy's and such.

The Naked Chicken Chalupa was available in January, but only for about a month. In that version, the Chalupa's tortilla shell was replaced with a piece of fried chicken (and it was obviously delicious) that held in all the good stuff.

Taco Bell's chief marketing officer says Taco Bell wasn't ready to let go of Naked Chicken just yet. I guess that means we can look forward to more Naked Chicken items coming our way.

For now, the Naked Chicken Chalupa is no longer available, and the chips are only available for a limited time (six weeks to be exact). If your local Taco Bell location has these fun, new little "chips," you should probably jump at the opportunity to go and try them.

You can get the six-piece order for $1.99, and the 12-piece order for just $2 more. Naked Chicken Chips can also come as part of a $5 box, which includes a Burrito Supreme, crunchy taco and medium drink.

If you don't make it to Taco Bell during the six-week period of the Naked Chicken Chips reign, you can grab some chicken nuggets from basically any other fast food chain to hold you over. It won't be as satisfying, but it's probably safe to guess there will be more Naked Chicken in the future.