Check Out This Boozy New Ice Cream Truck For Adults

Ever since the launch of the new Pokemon Go game, a good chunk of the nation has been busy roaming the streets in the hopes of bolstering their pokedex numbers — I myself just caught a pikachu, and my self-esteem has never been higher.

However, while Americans seem pretty content searching for pokemon alone, our friends across the pond have just been gifted an additional rare treasure to hunt for — but you have to be of age to do it.

As of July 6, the Warner Leisure Hotel group’s very own adult-only Ice Cream Bar has launched. Touted on the hotel’s Facebook page as “the first ice cream van where you need ID to be served”, the bar-on-wheels serves up a range of boozy, frozen options for grown-ups.

Oh, yeah — and it’s completely free.

Per Metro, here’s the truck’s menu:

“The van has already visited four hotels and people have been queuing up to try the adult friendly flavors,” Mat Finch, the Marketing Director at Warner Leisure Hotels, told ATV Today. “Our guests were giddy with delight trying all of the different ice creams … you may think Jager is a ‘young’ drink, but our Bombes were devoured within minutes! We can’t wait to visit the rest of the hotels and give the country a gloriously grown up summer.”

To track the Ice Cream Bar’s whereabouts, adults can check out the Warner Leisure Hotels Facebook and Twitter pages, which will be updating the truck’s stops each morning using the hashtag #GrownUpIceCream.