Cheer Up! Soon You Might Be Able To Order A McDonald's Breakfast Happy Meal

Get ready, kiddos. Your fast-food mornings are about to get a little happier.

With the raging success of its all-day breakfast menu, McDonald’s is now cashing in on that idea, and plans to offer breakfast versions of the kids’ happy meals at 73 McDonald’s locations in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area, according to USA Today.

According to a McDonald’s spokesperson, the All Day Breakfast Happy Meals will include either two McGriddles cakes, or an egg-and-cheese McMuffin, plus a side of either yogurt, apples, or hash browns. No word yet on the toys, but hopefully that information is coming soon.

"All day breakfast has really been a big hit with our customers, and that started from our customers telling us this is what they wanted,’’ Pam Williams, a director of innovation at McDonald’s USA, told USA Today. "Since the launch of all day breakfast, more of our customers have been reaching out to us and asking us for these choices for their kids In the Happy Meals.”

If the test run proves successful, chances are high that the all-day breakfast Happy Meals could be offered nationwide as soon as 2017, which will mark the first time in over 30 years that the company has added a new entree to the Happy Meal.