Cheesecake Kit Kats Are Real! Give Them To Us NOW! (Photo)

The day you've all been waiting for, the candy bar that you didn't know you wanted: Cheesecake Kit Kats are finally here.

The Kit Kat is shaping up to be the "everyman" of the chocolate world. Embodying flavors in every which way, across almost all the flavor profiles: sweet ("Maple"), salty ("Soy sauce"), spicy ("Wasabi"), even umami ("Miso Soup"). Yes, these are all real Kit Kat flavors. And yes, as you probably guessed, they are all available in Japan.

Kit Kats are world class. Since 2000, there have been over 300 limited-edition flavors of Kit Kats in Japan alone. And to add to the 300-and-something flavors, Nestle brings you the Cheesecake Kit Kat to satisfy your cheesecake cravings into shareable (optional) wafer fingers.

A handful of announcements were made by way of brazen Instagram posts, calling the Cheesecake Kit Kat's "A Taste of Nu Yawk."

East Coasters, this one is not for you (just yet). The New York Cheesecake Kit Kat, coming to a United Kingdom near you. Someone should suggest a Marmite-flavored Kit Kat to address this imbalance of yin to yang ratio

Although we will enjoy our Kit Kats sans cheesecake flavor, our friends across the pond posted a full play-by-play of this new flavor.

Food blogger, Nibbles 'n' Scribbles said "the chocolate to wafer ratio seemed far better" than the the other Kit Kat flavors, according to Metro. She wrote, "The creamy milk chocolate started off as the star of the show, then in came a smooth yet slightly intense vanilla flavor that did not taste artificial."

Hmm, okay. Go on, Nibbles.

"The wafer acted as the base of the cheesecake and didn't do a bad job. To me it had a light tanginess to it too, it could have done with a bit more but this is by far the best cheesecake flavored jobby I have had."

Nibbles 'n' Scribbles did a far better job than anyone in giving precise details on exactly why this Kit Kat reigns superior to the rest, enough that we can pardon the butchering of a New Yorker's accent.