Chef Puts Taco Seasoning On Watermelon; Internet Rages (Video)

So, who reading this has heard of the Food Network show called "Man Crafted" (video below)?

I just learned about it today, but apparently one of the chefs who appears on it -- a man named James Briscione -- made quite a splash in the online foodie community for doing things to a watermelon on camera that people take serious issue with.

Namely, he cut the melon up into little cubes, stabbed the bite-sized chunks with a toothpick, and then finished off his culinary creation by sprinkling a fine dusting of salt and taco seasoning on top.

To be fair, I have never tried watermelon with taco seasoning before; I have, however, sampled different combinations that I never thought would work with watermelon, and been pleasantly surprised.

Watermelon and feta? It's delicious. Watermelon with just a little bit of lime juice? Out of this world.

Taco seasoning, however, just doesn't do it for my appetite's imagination, and apparently most of the internet agrees, because people have been reacting extra negatively to the mere notion of the idea.

"This is terrible," writes one distraught Twitter user.

"I honestly thought the guy would accidentally cut his finger off - what happened was way worse in my opinion!" adds another.

"That's a weird way to cut watermelon but okay," another Twitter user said in the beginning. Upon seeing that Briscione was not using salt, but taco seasoning, however, the Twitter user continued: "I need to try salt on watermelon somet- OH GOD WHY."

What do you think of the combination? Would you give it a try or do you agree with all of the baffled and even furious diners of the internet?