Chipotle Really Wants You To Know They're All About Food Safety Right Now

That's right; Chipotle is even launching an ad campaign to make sure we all know about their new food-safety advancements.

And who can blame them? It’s been almost a year since the E. coli breakouts that severely damaged the restaurant’s reputation. The Wall Street Journal reports that stock prices still haven’t fully recovered from the blow.

New safety measures will include testing every ingredient for pathogens and keeping track via barcode of every stop made along the way, from farm to restaurant. Chipotle will employ more thorough cleaning practices, such as washing lettuce and bell peppers before and after chopping, blanching vegetables and high-pressure cleaning treatments for Chorizo so that taste is not compromised.

As an added bonus, all restaurant managers are to be tested and certified in federally recognized food safety classes, and will be subject to random food safety audits to make sure they’re on top of their game.

According to ABC News, Chipotle promises eight "key food safety advancements" altogether. The tracking of food from point A to point B, however, appears to come from suggestions and guidance from the CDC.  In its most recent report on Chipotle's E. coli outbreak, the CDC said that this move “can help stop outbreaks and lessen their impact by keeping detailed records to allow faster tracing of individual shipments of foods from source to destination and to help investigators identify what made people sick."

All of these new advancements and measurements are expected to cut down, or completely stop, the delivery of dangerous foods and bacteria to Chipotle stores. Watch the video below to see Chipotle’s Twitter update concerning the new food safety agenda.

As founder Steve Ells explains in the video, Chipotle was already more careful than most food chains when it came to the quality of their ingredients. Of the all the chains to have this sort of problem, they’d be the last I would have expected. However, I do feel reassured that they are doing all they can. Hopefully, everyone else will feel the same way!