Chloe Kim Keeps It Cool Despite Hanger And Nerves (Photos)

Seventeen-year-old U.S. Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim made headlines when she won the gold medal at the qualifying round of the Women's Halfpipe event on February 12, a first for her career.

But, between runs and gold-winning scores, the snowboarder was faced with something more pressing: a building appetite -- or what some like to call "hanger."

Wishing she had finished her breakfast sandwiches earlier, Kim still managed to keep it together to nail back-to-back 1080s in the half-pipe event that led her to become the youngest gold medalist in the event, leaving the competition to scramble for silver and bronze.

Kim tweeted throughout the qualifying round to update fans about her rumbling stomach. Perhaps it was food that kept her nerves in check.

She later tweeted that she had "bomb" churros earlier and shelled out some useful tips to Nervous Nellies, saying "If you ever get nervous go eat a churro."

Having nailed serious moves on the half-pipe, she continued tweeting about her snack cravings, leaving some fans wondering if she was competing at all.

The seventeen-year-old loves her food and is not shy about sharing her "training diet." In December 2017, Kim posted an Instagram photo of herself holding two large bags from California Pizza Kitchen and later another photo of her sipping on a slushy in front of an elaborately topped waffle of extra-large proportions with the caption:  "Working on my winter bod."

"So what's your training diet like"

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Working on my winter bod

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It's not a diet you would expect from an Olympic athlete, but one you'd see in any 17-year-old.

Kim also appeared on the TODAY Show after winning the gold, with a feast of her two favorite foods that she says helps calm her nerves -- ice cream and churros (as well as a sandwich).

Unsure of which to bite into first, Kim ate the sandwich and the churro dipped in chocolate and then went face-first into the ice cream.

"OK, don't mix chocolate, churros and a sandwich. It just doesn't really work, but I'm glad I tried it," she said in the interview.