Chocolate Cake-Flavored Twinkies Are Now A Thing (Photo)

Sometimes even a fan-favorite flavor can do with a little bit of a makeover, which is why Hostess has announced that it is now going to begin selling an all new flavor of the classic yellow sponge cake, Twinkies.

Introducing the new Chocolate Cake Twinkies, a luxurious and deep, chocolatey twist on the ever-popular, ever-enduring original light, vanilla-dominated flavor.

The new snack cakes feature a chocolate cake instead of a golden sponge cake, but the standard gooey creme filling will remain the same.

Brand Eating reports that blind taste testers seemed to respond very positively to the Chocolate Cake Twinkies; the new flavor also scored high in concept tests.

But, believe it or not, the new Chocolate Cake Twinkies aren't the only Twinkies-related product that's experiencing a chocolatey new twist.

Have you ever heard of the Hostess product "Chocodiles?" Well, you can now find them in stores rebranded simply as "Fudge Covered Twinkies."

What sets the Fudge Covered Twinkies apart from the Chocolate Cake Twinkies is that the Fudge Covered variety actually still features the golden sponge cake, and is coated with fudge.

Brand Eating also reports that the old Chocodile formula has been tweaked, and now is made with a recipe that produces a larger-sized product with a higher creme-to-cake ratio.

The fudge coating is said to be more intense and taste better than the original Chocodile fudge coating did, which is also something to look forward to if you're a fan of Hostess snack cake products in general.

You can pick up both snack cakes at retailers throughout the U.S., either in multi-count boxes or in single-serve twin packs, for suggested prices of $3.99 and $1.89, respectively.

If you spring for the multi-count boxes, by the way, you'll get nine Fudge Covered Twinkies, or 10 Chocolate Cake Twinkies.