Chrissy Teigen Turns To Twitter For Browned Bananas (Photos)

The internet has a thousand and one reasons to love Chrissy Teigen. Here's reason 1,002.

The 31-year-old took to Twitter to crowdsource exactly six browned bananas to be made into banana bread. And if you're Chrissy Teigen in search of browned bananas, you can bet a stranger will come knocking on your door to hand you browned bananas for your baking needs.

Teigen asked her followers for some assistance with the help of her own assistant (her mom, Vilailuck Teigen), tweeting, "If u have 6 BROWN bananas in the LA area, I will send my assistant to your home with a signed cookbook, John's underwear and a Becca palette. She added, "SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. please send me a photo of u holding the bananas, giving the peace sign."

Helpful fans tweeted tips on how to brown bananas faster, but Teigen emphasized, "ok this banana thing is getting ridiculous. don't tell me your banana browning hacks. just… if u have 6 BROWN bananas in the LA area lmk."

Teigen tapped Meg Zukin as her brown banana supplier (who actually only had five bananas, but in times of emergency, you take what you can get). She later posted an adorable photo of Zukin and her mother exchanging goods, in what seems to be the most bizarre transaction to occur between fan and celebrity.

"the deal has been done. thank you @bymeg!!!!" Teigen wrote, later adding, "Already home. that was… so fast. I will now do all grocery shopping like this."

Zukin really did receive everything that was promised: John's underwear. (I wonder if John okayed this…) Legend chimed in to clear the air, "Yes and I approve. Can't make banana bread without brown bananas!"

Teigen's tweets reached a few famous celebrities, including actress Ruby Rose, who could only deliver half the bananas needed, "I have 3 … if I cut them in half and sew the edges I have 6. My dog is brown and I can dress is in a banana costume …" Rose tweeted Teigen.

When Teigen finished baking, she tweeted a sweet thank you, "this is no longer my banana bread. this is *our* banana bread."