Cinnamon Roll In A Cookie

Cinnabon Is Stuffing A Cinnamon Roll In A Cookie! (Photo)

Something sweet is coming on National Cookie Day... #CookieBonBite

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Cinnabon is stuffing a cookie inside a cinnamon roll, causing "worlds to collide" for National Cookie Day. And we are hell-bent on celebrating this wonderful holiday on Dec. 4 with Cinnabon's ingenious treat, the Cookie BonBite.

The chocolate "zebra-spotted" cross section is made with melted chocolate chips, soft cookie dough and cinnamon. Such decadence can only be celebrated but a few times a year.

The BonBite takes a classic chocolate chip cookie to a whole new gluttonous level, by baking it into a bite-sized version of Cinnabon's famed cinnamon roll; ordering them by the dozen would be a modest feat. But, of course, there's absolutely no need to be prudent on the biggest cookie-eating day of the year. The Cookie BonBite will be available at Cinnabon bakeries nationwide for a limited time only.

In the spirit of National Cookie Day, Cinnabon will be offering a free 8-ounce bottle of milk with every Cookie BonBite purchase on Dec. 4, while supplies last. The lactose-free milk contains more protein and calcium than regular milk, as well as less sugar. Cookie BonBites will be available in mall bakeries and priced at $2.99 for one, or $9.99 for a half dozen.

Considering it's Christmas shopping season, and you'll invariably find yourself queueing in every direction and pathway, from the parking lot, to the store, to the fitting room, and finally to the hellish checkout line. It's at this exhausted and bored state that your senses will be most vulnerable to Cinnabon's butter-and-cinnamon perfume permeating that last shred of inhibition (which is totally understandable -- free samples are the oldest and surest trick in the book).

"Let's face it, people really want to avoid us," Greg Komen, founder of Cinnabon, once said to an audience at Zillow. "We have to get in your way." This is the fundamental truth about Cinnabon's lure; we eat it because we lack the self-restraint, which in the matter of National Cookie Day is, well, fine by me. Get in my face as much as you like --  in fact, I'll take a dozen!