Class Up Your Table With 7 Tea-Infused Desserts (Recipes)

Calling all tea fiends! (Tea haters can come too!)

Want a fun way to level up your dessert-making? Change the flavors around on your favorite sweet treats by adding the subtly earthy, bright hues of tea. It is easy, affordable and, above all, delicious.

These unique desserts will sure make you look forward to tea time!

1. Chamomile Tea and Lemon Shortbread

Soothing chamomile and zippy lemon bring a little something extra to these delicate, yummy cookies. If you like something with a little more of an in-your-face tea flavor, consider using Earl Grey leaves and vanilla instead of the chamomile.

2. Oolong Donuts With a Milk Tea Glaze

If you aren't into the sweet, strong and earthy quality of oolong, you can use green or black tea, or even orange-colored Thai tea. Any of these make for a satisfying way to eat your favorite flavor of milk tea in donut form.

3. Chai Teacup Pies

Ready for fall? Bake these spiced, individual-portioned pies, which stay plenty rich and moist on account of the evaporated milk and unflavored pumpkin puree.

4. Brown Sugar Jasmine Tea Caramels

The molasses-tinged brown sugar and softly floral green tea play delightfully with the richly dark, nutty flavors you know and love in gooey caramel. This recipe is a keeper!

5. Strawberry Matcha Roll Cake

This delicate, fluffy Japanese green tea powder cake gets rolled up with light, sweet whipped cream and summery strawberries for a gorgeous way to end a lunch or brunch.

6. Apricots Poached in Chamomile Tea with Vanilla

Craving something lighter to stave off your sweet tooth? Grab some apricots (peaches or pears will work too, though apricots are particularly harmonious with this recipe!) and simmer them in sauce that brings an easy, light sweetness to the tart fruits. These are so good served warm over ice cream ...

7. Blackberry Earl Grey Tea Pocket Pies

If you want to add some richness and depth to blackberry pie filling, you can't do much better than pairing it with floral Earl Grey syrup. These divine mini pies are perfect for breakfast or dessert!