Cleaning With A Slice Of Bread? Here's How

They say you shouldn't play with your food, but what about cleaning with it? 

As a child, were you ever chided by grandma for rolling your bread into little balls, or sprinkling the crusts all over the plate? 

If you want grandma to give you a pat on the back rather than a slap on the wrist, you should roll those bread balls over the kitchen counter. 

Why? To get the stains off, of course!

Bread is a wonderful thing. For thousands of years, this simple food has provided sustenance to humankind. You can toast it, dip it in oil, use it for a sandwich and smear all sorts of delicious spreads on it. Some bread is even best eaten alone. 

But there's another thing bread is well-suited for, something you might never have thought of. 

If you cut the crusts off a slice of rye or white bread and roll it into a ball, it becomes a natural eraser, according to Country Living. 

In the olden days, this cleaning hack was used to soak up spills and smudges on walls, counters and other surfaces. In fact, before the advent of rubber erasers, moist bread crumbs were used to erase pencil marks, according to The New Yorker.

“The gluten in the bread absorbs dirt and stains,” Toni Hammersley states, in "The Complete Book of Clean." So, if you’re gluten-intolerant, at least you can use gluten for something.

Other strange uses for bread include cleaning out your coffee grinder, dusting off a painting and picking up shards of broken glass.  

Do you swear by regular cleaning methods, or have you used bread to clean up before?  

In my opinion, bread is best put to use when it’s eaten. There’s something immoral about using it to clean. Plus, using my favorite Nutella companion to mop the floor sounds like a big turn-off. What do you think?