Coca-Cola Honors Armed Forces With Limited-Edition Patriotic Design

Coca-Cola is featuring a patriotic message on its cans to honor the U.S. military and the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Service Organizations (USO).

As Coca-Cola was a founding partner of the USO, which was established during World War II, the connection to the troops forms part of the history of the company.

"Since the organization's very beginning in 1941, the USO has been near and dear to us," Erika von Heiland Strader, Coca-Cola North America’s community marketing director, explained in a statement. "Our relationship is now part of our heritage, our DNA. On behalf of all our Coca-Cola associates, we congratulate the USO on 75 years of connecting service members to their family, home and country!"

The patriotic cans hit stores during Memorial Day Weekend and will be available until Independence Day. The red, white, and blue design consists of a wavy American flag, both companies logos, and the sentence, "I’m proud to be an American."

In addition, through the Campaign to Connect initiative, both organizations are working together to send support messages to one million members of the Armed forces and their families, as reported by Tech Times.  As a recent report shows that 90 percent of the service members feel the American public does not understand the sacrifices they have made, this initiative may help increase both awareness and appreciation for members of the Armed Forces throughout the world.