Coca-Cola just launched a Cherry Vanilla Coke with a ZERO Sugar

Coca-Cola just launched a Cherry Vanilla Coke with a ZERO Sugar

Sit back and try to imagine the elusive combination of thirst-quenching Coca-Cola, mouth-watering Vanilla and thought-provoking cherry. Heavenly, right? Well, the coolest brand ever, Coca-Cola, just made this dream of yours a reality.

Until now the tempting flavors like vanilla float and cherry might have been out of your reach as they were being sold only in Japanese markets. Even at these stores, you could only buy these flavors separately. But hey! Cheer up, Coca-Cola has heard all your prayers by deciding to hit the United States with the latest and greatest Cherry Vanilla Coke.

Now you can please and charm your taste buds with one big can of Coke containing a combination of both the vanilla and cherry flavors. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Coca-Cola even went one step ahead to time the launch right. You can start buying Cherry Vanilla Coke from February 10 onwards.

That’s right! Just in time to use it as the best possible gift for your valentine. But wait, is your fear of high sugar shrouding this meeting of love with love. Well, dump those fears since Coca Cola has made sure that everyone gets to enjoy the new flavor. In addition to the regular version, the Cherry Vanilla Coke will also be available in a zero sugar version.

You can get both these versions in 12-oz. cans and bottles. So time to finally say goodbye to the messy days caused by trying to mix a cherry coke and a vanilla coke in the perfect proportion. Coca-Cola themselves have decided to do all the mixing and matching for you. The folks at Coca-Cola have lately been in the fifth gear.

First, it was the launch of Orange Vanilla Coke, last February and now the Cherry Vanilla coke. While the Orange Vanilla Coke tastes a lot like a creamsicle, I feel the Cherry Vanilla coke is going to be somewhat subtle. It will have more of a fruity cherry flavor as opposed to the strong orangey citrus taste. Hey, now hold on, you don’t have to rush to store now or pre-order the entire stock because the Cherry Vanilla Coke is not a limited-edition flavor.

Although we both know we are going to be at the grocery store on February 10, getting our first taste of this much-awaited flavor.

Image source: Coca-Cola