College Sports: Get Festive With This New Candy! (Photo)

College Sports: Get Festive With This New Candy! (Photo)

Hey there college sports fans!! There's an absolutely adorable way to show off your school spirit and satisfy your sweet tooth all at once: college-themed candy!

You're cheering on your team at a game, tailgate party or TV-watching get-together to see that football, basketball, gymnastics, rowing or ultimate frisbee game, and you really want to prove your undying loyalty to fellow devoted fans.

So what do you do? Pull out a bag of candy, of course.

SweeTarts and Butterfinger joined forces to bring us this limited edition novelty candy, and it's set to run through basketball season, according to Business Wire -- so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy these treats for the big game, whatever it may be. 

This year, you can pick up a bag of SweeTarts in honor of University of Michigan, University of Arizona, University of Oregon, University of Georgia, University of Florida, University of Texas, Ohio State University, University of Tennessee, UCLA and University of Arkansas -- a major expansion from the brand's five schools from last year.

"We are excited to unite the marketing and licensing of both the SweeTarts and Butterfinger lines to maximize the impact of Nestle's collegiate platform," Andrew Judelson, executive vice president, sales and marketing, IMG, said in a statement, per Business Wire.

"This program continues to be a fantastic way for SweeTarts, and now Butterfinger, to harness the power of school spirit and reach some of the most passionate fans in sports."

Butterfinger has fewer offerings, but count yourself in luck if you root for University of Michigan, University of Texas, Ohio State University, University of Georgia and University of Florida, which will have festive crunchy chocolate bars.

"We are thrilled to have Butterfinger join SweeTarts for the entire 2017-2018 athletic season," said SweeTarts marketing manager, Chad Womack, according to PR.

"These products provide a deliciously festive way for students, alumni and fans to show excitement and get fired up for their school during any game this year, whether they’re cheering from the stadium or the couch," added Womack.

Even if you don't root for any of those 10 schools, all sports fans are welcome to enter Butterfinger's Ultimate Tailgate Package, where a lucky individual will win a stainless steel gas grill, a home cinema HD 3D projector, and a portable movie theater projector screen, and some other folks can win smaller prizes through March 2018, notes Delish.