Cookie Butter Oreos Are Real And They're Here (Photos)

Of all the Oreo flavors that get rotated from season to season, the new limited-edition Cookie Butter Oreo is the most capable of turning even the most stringent health nut to the dark, cookie-wielding side. Haven't you ever heard of the saying, "Come to the dark side. We have cookies"? Darth Vader definitely said this in "Star Wars."

And really, what is so dark about cookie butter, except that it was once held as a commodity at Trader Joe's, who sold Speculoos Cookie Butter a few years back. They had to limit one jar per family because it was that popular. There was also Olive Garden's anticipated Cookie Butter Cake and Carvel's cookie butter ice cream.

The money is in cookie butter. And the Nabisco-owned company has officially come on board with the Cookie Butter Oreos!

Junkbanter posted on Instagram a photo of the aforementioned Cookie Butter Oreo here:

But we were not convinced. Across the Internet, fanatics were highlighted with a bit of doubt because just last year, Instagram user thejunkfoodaisle posted this mock-up of a Cookie Butter Oreo package, leaving disappointed fans and crushed souls in their wake:

A whole year had passed and we were still not over it. Claims of the Cookie Butter legitimacy were shaky at best, and over the past few weeks users were saying the new flavor was "100% legit." You can't mess with our cookie butter hearts like that. This is not a game.

Multiple online publications have reached out to Oreo's reps to confirm its existence, but no one had confirmed until now.

This goes to show you: if you want something really, really badly, it just might come true. Operative word: might. Because at first, there's a lot of waiting and doubting, and sometimes what looks real ends up being a sham. But wait a little bit longer, and suddenly, there's no more waiting and all your wildest cookie butter dreams have come true!

The now official Cookie Butter Oreo is here with graham cracker-flavored cookies sandwiched around cookie-butter creme. Is that not the most perfect happy ending to a fall beginning?