Cookie Dough Candy Bars? You Can Buy Them! (Photo)

Soozie's Doozies solves a doozy.

Whoever told you that eating cookie dough was unsafe, riddled with microbes and salmonella colonies, can go eat it.

Soozie's Doozies, the gourmet cookie brand, is stocking shelves with ready-to-eat cookie dough bars (hold the bacteria, please). And they come in all the best flavors: chocolate chip, birthday cake, white chocolate, peanut butter milk chocolate, ad infinitum, ad delectamentum.

Cosmopolitan calls The Doozie Bar the "candy bar you didn't know you needed." But can you really call it a candy bar?

We'd like to call the bars something else: the secret bites of raw cookie dough scratched from the sides of the bowl, pilfered when Mom wasn't looking. That, but in socially acceptable, single-serve, pre-packaged lots.

Supermarkets haven't caught a whiff of The Doozie Bar yet, but food Instagrammer, The Junk Food Aisle, says you can find it at Meijer supermarkets.

Each Doozie Bar goes for $2 a pop, a small price to pay for a convenience we didn't know we needed: "A natural, ready to eat, gourmet cookie dough bar that you can grab when you're on the go!" is written boldly on Soozie's official site.

Doozie Bars come in five "doozie-licious flavors" that are described in mouth-watering detail, a response that kind of makes me wonder, "How specific can a cookie dough craving get exactly?" I figured there was only a single kind of cookie dough craving -- chocolate, right?

But not so, says Soozie's. This booming (and possibly worrisome) trend of consuming raw cookie dough generates a well-developed palate; chocolate chip cookie dough just doesn't cut it anymore.

But maybe these flavors will do the trick: White Chocolate Peanut Butter Macadamia, made with super sweet vanilla white chocolate chips, peanut butter, crunchy macadamia nuts; a "perfect blend of sweet and salty flavors to curb your cookie dough craving!" And (festive palates included) a Birthday Cake Bar with "vanilla white chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles to celebrate everyday like it's your birthday!"

Soozie's Doozies' cookie bars are changing the way we eat our cookie dough: selfish, no-share single-serve treats, eaten "on-the-go," sans artificial flavors and preservatives, and made with non-GMO ingredients.