Cops Bust Frat Party, Air Registers On Breathalyzer

After a frat party in Maryland was broken up by police in November, officers found that the air inside the house registered a 0.01 on a breathalyzer.

It was "Tequila Tuesday" at American University's Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, but to neighbors, it was a raucous party on a weekday. Angry neighbors called the police to complain about the loud music.

When officers arrived to shut down the party, they found the windows covered with insulation and floors littered with liquor bottles and beer cans -- obvious evidence of a rager. The floors and the air were layered in booze, registering a 0.01 percent on a breathalyzer.

Court documents reported eight partygoers locked themselves in a bathroom and another jumped out of a second-story window in an attempt to avoid police. According to police estimates, 70 people were in attendance at the party, which is a lot of borrowed air to be swallowing and recirculating in a house full of liquor and heavily insulated windows.

So how much alcohol needs to be in the air in order to register a 0.01 on a breathalyzer? SB Nation calculated that the average person needs to consume 0.75 ounce of liquor to blow a 0.01 on a breathalyzer. That's about half a shot down the gullet. But expanded to a 2,000 square foot house with 9-foot ceiling (rough estimates), that's 1.2 gallons of liquor in the air.

Police reported each person had 1.2 ounces of alcohol in their system on average. Many were underage. American University cited the fraternity three times this year and currently has four active sanctions, but remains listed under good/active standing with the university. Cops charged the six, underage hosts -- all members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity -- with an extensive 126 counts each of underage alcohol possession and distribution of alcohol to minors.

According to the New York Post, three of the party hosts are on the frat's 2017 executive board. Each member is currently facing up to $315,000 in fines due to charges.