Costco Has 3-Pound Cookie Butter Cheesecakes For $7 (Photo)

A slice of cheesecake is good. Three pounds of Costco Cookie Butter cheesecake for only $7 is way better, especially when it can feed a family of four or, if you're bold enough, just one with a single fork and a merciless appetite. Either way, we won't judge. A dessert of that caliber and that price deserves to be devoured shamelessly.

The dessert, made by Sweet Offerings Bake Shop, features a thick, creamy layer of New York-style cheesecake and, as an added gluttonous bonus, Biscoff cookie butter cheesecake sits generously caked atop to enrich the Biscoff cookie crumble crust sitting at the bottom holding this gigantic dessert together.

Before you whip out your Costco card like a true VIP calling for their night of hedonism, you'll want to call or check ahead because this offer is only available at a handful of Costco locations. According to one Twitter user, the big hunk of cheesecake retails for $15 at a few stores, but a few locations had it on sale in early January. But, after you've double- and triple-checked, feel free to strut through those warehouse doors claiming what is rightfully yours. Run, don't walk.

If you need help (i.e., motivation) to run like the wind, here are a few reasons why it's worth putting on shoes and shedding those sodden house sweatpants. Reason one: Today is National Pie Day. Aside from your regularly scheduled Tuesday activities, you'll get to come home to a 3-pounder for yours to consume. No need to factor in calories, this is a holiday after all. Reason two: Did I mention they're under 10 bucks? Reason three: As you know, Costco saddles their bulk items on industrial-size crates that practically lurch from the warehouse ceilings. Among these bulk items are ample stocks of the most prized snack condiment Nutella in 33.5 oz jars. I suspect you know where I'm going with this...

You can do right by going in and picking up your Sweet Offerings pie. Or you can do great and also pick up enough Nutella spread to enrobe your 3-pound Cookie Butter cheesecake in its entirety. Between the latter and the former, well, I say you should do the latter.