Cousin Plays Greatest, Meanest Prank On Candy Thief Kid

Got a nosy sibling or roommate who won't leave your chocolates alone? We have the perfect cruel revenge that they will never forget.

Just take a look at what this delightfully evil Redditor did to their relative, according to a post from Jan. 7, 2017.

My 7 year old cousin ate all of the strawberry cream sweets last weekend. I've decided to replace them ready for his visit tomorrow.

"My 7 year old cousin ate all of the strawberry cream sweets last weekend," the Redditor wrote. "I've decided to replace them ready for his visit tomorrow."

We're still waiting to hear how this wonderfully mean trick went. Sadly, there's still no word yet, but the Redditor said that they had an inkling about how it would probably go down.

"He will most likely run crying to my grandmother," the Redditor wrote shortly after the initial post. "It's what he did when I said he can't eat them all and needs to share (he then took all of them out whilst no one was looking)."

Ok, we can see how maybe the kid needs to learn a valuable, scarring lesson about not being a brat when it comes to candy.

"LOL, make him eat them ALL," wrote one Reddit user.

Others suggested even crueler ways to get back at the kid, by giving him a chocolate laxative or chocolate-covered habaneros to terrify him into never EVER acting like a brat again. Either way, we can be sure that this trick will be a memorable one for the hapless youngster.

"This is the spawn of trust issues later in life," commented another user.

If this doesn't adequately freak out the Redditor's stingy cousin, might we suggest taking it one step further and going to war by offering the poor, not-so-innocent child a Cadbury Egg, that turns out to be a real, actual egg when he unwraps it?

Oh, the disappointment! It's palpable!

Almost as cruel as chocolate-covered Brussels sprouts?

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