Crack Pie, Birthday Cake And Other Momofuku Desserts (Recipes)

Crack Pie, Birthday Cake And Other Momofuku Desserts (Recipes)

Whether or not you've been to New York City, you've likely seen tantalizing dessert photos from Momofuku Milk Bar. You've lusted over their towering, pastel-colored birthday cake, you've yearned to try their buttery crack pie, and you've dreamed about their salty and sweet compost cookies. Not hitting up the Big Apple any time soon? No worries, you can make Milk Bar's most iconic desserts in your own kitchen. 

Birthday Cake

Sprinkle-rich vanilla cake, light and sweet vanilla frosting, and Momofuku's signature cake crumbs between each layer make this dessert amazing, but it's the vanilla milk soak that really takes the cake. The soak, a mixture of milk and vanilla extract, is brushed on each cake layer to keep the whole thing moist and flavorful. Use the technique once for your Momofuku copy, and you'll want to spread it on every cake you make.

Crack Pie

This pie is a drug, and there's a reason why. A couple of reasons, actually: its crumbly cookie crust, made of a pre-baked oat cookie crumbled with butter and brown sugar, and its ooey-gooey filling, a mixture of cream, egg yolks, sugar and butter, that melts in your mouth in a way so addictive that it can only be described as crack-like.

Compost Cookies

This dessert takes the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink idea, which results in a wildly textured cookie, flavored with chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, potato chips, mini pretzels, oats, ground coffee and graham cracker crumbs. They're crispy, crunchy and just the right degree of melty.

German Chocolate Jimbo Cake

This colossal cake gives the word "moist" a whole new meaning. Dark chocolate cake is layered with gooey Crack Pie filling (with the addition of shredded coconut), pureed pecans and crushed cornflakes, and, of course, a signature soak (this time, made with Ovaltine). There's also plenty of chocolate buttercream frosting, which beautifully binds these blankets of sugary bliss.

Cereal Milk Shake

These corn-flake shakes take Momofuku's up a notch with optional caramel corn. Making the milkshake is quite simple; just steep corn flakes in milk overnight, strain the resulting sweet liquid, and blend it with vanilla ice cream. It's like drinking the milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl -- only much, much more delicious.

Corn Cookies

These sweet and savory, crunchy and chewy bakes are the simplest dessert you'll find at Momofuku, but they're no less addictive than the others. Satisfying on their own or crumbled into any treat imaginable, they're killer cookies.

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