Cup Noodles Is The Latest Pantry Staple To Hop Aboard The Health Food Trend

If your college experience was anything like mine, then you have had your fair share of ramen-based meals (video below).

It all starts off with the simple cup o’ noodles; standard, basic and cheap.

As time goes on (and income stays scant), you begin to discover new ways to elevate your staple meal: personally, I was thrilled when I thought to add egg and different spices/vegetables to mine, but brains more creative than mine have come up with such delights as the Ramen Burger, and more.

Now, however, the Nissin Foods pantry staple is undergoing a total upgrade. According to Delish, the company is responding to customer feedback and developing a new version of its famous Cup Noodles product with less sodium, no added MSG, and zero artificial flavors in honor of its 45th anniversary.

In order to make sure the product still stood up to its original glory, Nissin Foods enlisted the help of several blind taste-testers, who also happened to be big time fans of the OG Cup Noodles.

The verdict? Apparently, the consumers think that the improved product is totally on par with the sodium-laden original.

Here’s the best part: Natural ingredients such as paprika, lime, and turmeric were added to boost the new flavor profiles, so they’re sure to be just as satisfying and flavorful as their less-healthy (but oh-so-addictive) predecessors.

Check out the video about the change below: