Cut Back On Junk Food Cravings With One Simple Trick!

Swimsuit season is almost here, and many of us are hoping to see our waistlines slim down for the summer. We may eat healthy food, but to actually crave it? Unlikely.

Fortunately, there's a simple trick we can employ to keep our cravings at bay, regardless of whether we are tempted at home, at work, or while spending time with friends.

Erin Oprea, celebrity trainer, former marine, and author of "The 4x4 Diet," knows that it's difficult to simply ignore our desires to eat unhealthy foods.

"Your life doesn't have to be around measuring everything you eat and obsessing over it," she said, as noted by Dr. Oz’s The Good Life.

Therefore, she’s come up with a simple, inexpensive trick to minimize these cravings. Just buy a pack of mint gum.

"I almost always have mint gum in my mouth,” she explained. "You have to take it out to have a bite of junk food, and it's a pain. Mint gum also ruins the flavor of most things. If I do take it out, nothing is going to taste good anyway."

If you don’t want to chew gum, she suggested using Listerine PocketPads instead.

"Those sheets will ruin your taste buds in a second," Oprea explained. "After having one in your mouth, everything tastes disgusting. It's like using mouthwash before you eat something."