Deep-Fried State Fair Food Is Coming To Walmart 365 Days A Year

These days, state fair food is famous for a) just how terrible nutritionally it is for us and b) how darn good people seem to think it tastes.

Luckily (or horrendously, depending on how you look at it) for the innocent folks over in Plano, Texas, a man named Isaac Rousso is making his deep-fried culinary “delights” readily available in his newest venture: year-round restaurants inside a Plano Walmart.

Rousso, who has been recognized for his contributions to the State Fair of Texas, plans to open the Plano location on Sept. 20, as the first in a region-wide, and then potentially nationwide expansion, reports The Dallas Morning News.

Obviously, Walmart would be behind this kind of thing, considering its willingness to showcase food beyond McDonald’s and Subway. Additionally, it gives Rousso the chance to see his star rise beyond the reach of little ol’ Texas.

"At the end of the day it's incredible that you have someone like Walmart believing in a small entrepreneurial guy and seeing the potential of what we can bring to the table,” he told The Dallas Morning News, while intrigued shoppers circle the the not-yet-open restaurant in Plano, which takes the place of a McDonald’s. "The State Fair of Texas for me has been the greatest blessing that's ever come to my family. And the opportunities that were coming to us because of the State Fair, words can't describe it.”

According to The Dallas Morning News, the retro-themed diner will feature a 45-item menu "celebrating the treats families enjoy every year when they make an annual pilgrimage to the fair.”

"Walmart was looking for a creative new food concept to energize high-profile locations," Rousso said. "They loved the idea of finding someone who was able to take an idea and constantly create something fresh and innovative."

"They know that every fall, there's going to be something new on that menu," he added. "We're able to change and reinvent ourselves."

"Isaac and his family embody what the State Fair is all about," added Carey Risinger, Senior Vice President of Food, Beverage and Retail for the State Fair, in a statement. "Families working hard to help other families have a good time during their visit."