Deep Fried Twinkies Are Finally Here, And Here's What People Are Saying

Hey… it's been a while -- long enough that we wonder if you even remember the big news we shared a few months ago.

You know. About the deep-fried Twinkies.

If you need a reminder, here’s the scoop: Basically, Walmart announced plans to roll out new, packaged, deep-fried Twinkies earlier this year. Available in the freezer aisle, the iconic golden sponges heat up in the oven in mere minutes (according to the box) and are available in two flavors: classic and chocolate.

So now the moment of truth is upon us: The Deep Fried Twinkies are available at Walmart stores nationwide, according to Brand Eating, retailing at $4.76 for a box of seven (prices may vary).

But as for the reviews? 

“I was expecting a golden brown Twinkie out of the oven, but instead got a Twinkie with jaundice,” wrote food blogger Junk Banter. “It’s not super crunchy out of the oven, but the Fried Twinkie does have a crispy outside and a softer cake-like inside. Best of all, it totally tastes like funnel cake. It’s buttery and understandably greasy, i.e. it’s delicious.”

Rarely do packaged and frozen foods ever look as delicious and appetizing as their promotional photos market them to be -- could we really hope for anything more than a reliable, sweet tasting snack from Hostess?

Not one to review only one of a two-flavored product, Junk Banter described the deep-fried chocolate Twinkie counterpart as having “an added texture like cookie crumbs where the OG was smooth. The chocolate breading has a prominent cocoa flavor that tastes great on its own. It’s sweet and not bitter, and has a little more crunch factor when baked due to those crumbs… There’s even a little vanilla flavor here, and the overall package calls to mind a Boston cream. It’s like a wonderful Twinkie-Donut hybrid that explodes chocolate sauce.”

Look, we're not recommending you rush out to the store and buy these artery-clogging concoctions -- we’re just saying that if you really find yourself with a hunkering for junk, and don’t want to wait until the next county fair to fill up on greasy sugar-bombs, here’s a viable and widely available option for you to enjoy (in moderation, please!).