Deep Fried Twinkies Just Got Two New Holiday Flavors

Okay, we admit it: when we first heard that Hostess was teaming up with Walmart to debut Deep Fried Twinkies, we were skeptical -- we just didn't know if people would be into the deep-fried variety of the popular snack, particularly since they have to be baked in the oven, rather than coming straight out of the fryer.

We were wrong, however, because the snack appears to be multiplying!

Now, Hostess has launched two extra flavors of its Deep Fried Twinkies in honor of the holiday season: the double chocolate variety, as well as the banana flavor.

According to Hostess on Instagram the Deep Fried Double Chocolate Twinkies will help make the "#PerfectDateNight", as they feature a chocolate breaded golden sponge cake with a chocolate creamy filling.

The Deep Fried Banana Twinkies, on the other hand, feature a graham cracker breaded golden sponge cake with a banana creamy filling.

"Something to make your holidays a little 'sweeter'" Hostess wrote. "Introducing the Deep Fried Banana Twinkie! We think you'll find it 'apeeling'."

Har dee har, Hostess. We get it.

Per Chew Boom, the boxes will contain seven Twinkies and will go for $4.76 in the frozen food section at retailers nationwide.

Do you think you'll go and pick yourself up a box of the seasonal snacks?