Delivery Guy Caught Munching On Customer's Pizza (Video)

A Domino's Pizza delivery guy just couldn't resist the cheesy aroma wafting through the delivery bag, so he helped himself to a customer's pizza toppings.

According to CTV News Vancouver, a concierge caught the delivery man while watching over the building's security cameras (video below). He was caught red-handed crouching over a delivery sleeve containing a customer's pizza pie, quickly nibbling away at the toppings just moments before the elevator doors closed. With calculated movements, he plucks pepperoni and sausage evenly across the pie as to reduce suspicion.

The delivery man was delivering said pizza to a customer in a high-rise apartment building in Surrey, British Columbia, on Jan. 23 when he was caught. The footage, obtained by CTV News, was quickly turned over to authorities after the concierge immediately notified the resident of the incident -- a truly heroic move. The concierge recalled to CTV News that he was confused why the delivery man was hunched over.

"The person is like cheating his job," he said.

Jeff Kacmarek, Domino's vice president of marketing, expressed to CTV his embarrassment for this deplorable situation and apologized to customers and the thousands of good drivers who provide great service to customers.

For obvious reasons, the pizza chain fired the delivery driver, a college student who had been working for the company since July 2017.

The jury's still out on just how many pies this delivery man picked on, but taking a good look at his movements in the security footage reveals this probably wasn't his first time. Just seconds after pressing the floor number, the driver immediately resumes the position -- laying the pizza flat on the floor, removing the box from its sleeve, then picking concentrically at toppings. It appears practiced, methodical even. As skillful as that may be, it's not quite the trait that makes a suitable delivery guy.

If this story teaches anything to hungry and impetuous menaces out there, it's the following: Assume your tactics are being watched at all times, no matter how practiced. And that Domino's Pizza is so good, the delivery guy will nab it for himself.