Did You Know The Cheese You Eat Changes How You Dream?

Many people dream about eating cheese. But did you know that the cheese you eat could actually change what you dream about?

According to Metro, a recent study by the British Cheese Board discovered the consumption of certain varieties of cheese is correlated with particular types of dreams. The study was designed to investigate the link between cheese consumption and nightmares, but the end results were far more interesting than anyone could have anticipated.

Not only did researchers fail to find any link between eating cheese before bed and bad dreams, but they also uncovered a link between cheese variety eaten and type of dream. In an interview with NPR, British Cheese Board secretary Nigel White even went so far as to enumerate the exact types of dreams correlated with each category of cheese studied.

Apparently, eating Blue Cheese before gives you wacky dreams, while cheddar was correlated with dreams about celebrities. Furthermore, Cheshire cheese resulted in dreamless nights, Lancashire cheese led to dreams about work, and Red Leicester elicited nostalgic dreams concerning family or childhood memories.

While the study focused on British cheese varieties, we strongly believe that similar research should be conducted on all varieties of our favorite dairy product. As firm believers in all things cheese-related, we’ll be volunteering for every single one.

The British Cheese Board’s study was conducted by asking volunteers to eat two-thirds of an ounce of cheese 30 minutes before bed, and then record their resulting dreams in a dream journal. In other words, grab a dream journal, a chunk of Brie, and start researching!