Diet Pepsi Is Bringing Back A Key Ingredient

Has there been a void in your fridge? Does it start with "A" and end with "spartame?" Is it the artificial sweetener in Diet Pepsi dropped by the company in 2015?

If you're missing aspartame, worry not. Pepsi announced the return of the sweetener with the launch of Diet Pepsi Classic Sweetener Blend. The "retro" light blue cans will hit shelves in September 2016, according to CNN.

"For those consumers who love Diet Pepsi with aspartame, we have been exploring ways to make it available," the company revealed in a statement.

Pepsi ditched the sweetener in 2015 due to declining sales and health concerns following the release of studies linking artificial sweeteners to obesity and other health issues.

While the company hasn't released sales data for its aspartame-free Diet Pepsi, it's assumed that the decision did not help its shrinking soda sales.

And the news keeps coming.

Pepsi fans will soon have three diet options, including Traditional Diet Pepsi in a silver can and Pepsi Zero Sugar -- rebranded from Pepsi Max -- in a black can.

Traditional Diet Pepsi will be labeled as aspartame-free and flavored with the artificial sweetener sucralose, which is found in Splenda.

Pepsi Zero Sugar will use the same recipe as its predecessor, Pepsi Max, and will also be sweetened with aspartame. How is that different from the classic blend, you may ask? Pepsi Max is sweetened with acesulfame potassium in addition to the aspartame, according to Pepsi's website.