Dinner Party Themes You Have To Try

Breakfast for Dinner

Everyone loves breakfast, so give your guests what they want. Pancakes, bacon, quiche, mimosas and more!

Mexican Fiesta Taco Bar

Tacos are one of the easiest meals to prepare, especially for large groups of people. Impress your guests with a DIY taco bar offering all the fixings and vibrant Mexican-inspired décor. Don’t be afraid to grill up some veggies or make your own green sauce.

Pizza Party

Homemade pizzas are another simple meal to make for a lot of people. It could even be fun to ask your guests for some hands-on helps! Add old school Italian pizza shop décor like a  red checkered table cloth or even the national flag.

Thanksgiving Leftovers

If Thanksgiving is a day for family, then the leftovers from the day are a great way to spend time with friends. Thanksgiving is all about sharing, so have your guests bring over their own leftovers to add to the table.

Bite-Sized Dinner

This is the perfect party for those who like to snack cocktail-party style. Since the portions for this type of party are small, each dish can vary in height and guests can choose what to eat more easily.

Hawaiian Luau Dinner

The luau décor would be the most exciting part of this themed dinner party if the food wasn’t so delicious! Try some poke, rice and potato salad for a simplified take on this style of food. Don’t forget to put out a fruit tray and leis for all your guests.