Disappointed Customer Shoots Taco Truck With Gun

A taco truck in Stockton, California, was damaged after two men reportedly shot the vehicle with a shotgun. They were dissatisfied with their food. 

According to investigators, no individuals were injured in the shooting, although three employees were in the truck at the time, KTXL reported. One of the workers said he and his co-workers ran for cover, lying on the floor of the truck, when the suspect opened fire.

"I'm thinking of only my family. I tell God, 'Take care of my kids and my wife and, you know, if something happens but that’s it,'" the worker said. 

Customers said they were shocked by the incident. 

“You don’t like your order, ask them to fix your order,” customer Jose Correa told KTXL. “No need to pull out a gun, I mean that’s just dumb."

KCRA reported that while police were investigating the shooting, a drunk driver crashed into the back of an officer’s patrol car.