Disney And Le Creuset Team Up For Snow White Cookware (Photo)

Disney and cookware brand Le Creuset have teamed up to make a fairy tale out of dinner parties.

At first, the two companies rolled out their Belle of the ball "Beauty and the Beast" cookware, which decidedly took the cake for Disney fanatics, offering a special-edition, blue-enameled oven pot with a golden knob and an engraving, "Be Our Guest." The cooking pot was colored after Belle's signature ballgown; it was a beauty, all right.

But, if we had to guess, of all the glass dishware and dinner pots one could acquire in a kitchen, Le Creuset's apple-shaped cocottes are the fairest of them all. The jury's still out on the "better" Disney princess, but the magic mirror spelled it out for us.

Inspired by Disney's "Snow White," Le Creuset's limited-edition Dutch ovens are as crimson and charming as Snow White's poisonous fruit. The cast-iron apple cocottes (or Dutch ovens) feature eye-catching red and black gradient and black "stem" for a handle. All cookware should look like this: adorable and charming aesthetics that inspire us to whistle while we cook.


Snow White's apple cocottes come with a gold Snow White charm and a tea towel; the larger cast-iron cookware goes for $230, while a smaller stoneware is available for $55. Both items will hit stores starting Nov. 17 at Saks Fifth Avenue locations and as part of Disney's celebration of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" 80th anniversary.

Disney fans will be happy to know Saks' New York flagship store will also host a "special character dining experience" from Nov. 25 to Dec. 31 featuring the fairest of them all, Snow White, along with familiar fairy tale characters, the Prince and Dopey (the witch will likely remain at large).

People like to warn others about the holidays being "just around the corner," as if the annual event itself will scare you, nab your wallet, solicit you for some service or time that you just don't have; it's not an entirely inaccurate saying actually. If fairy tales replicated real life, these cast-iron apples would be gifted by an ill-intentioned old wart.