Disney Ice Cream

Disney Ice Cream

Have an Ice Cream with Disney! Not the man, the company!

If you love Disney/Pixar or love ice creams, then there is some exciting news for you. What could potentially be your new favorite dessert has finally marked its presence in the grocery store freezers: ice cream flavors that celebrate and cherish childhood movie classics such as The Incredibles and Monsters Inc. Not the first time Disney will be venturing into themed ice creams.

Before this, a 2003 Jim Hill Media blog had announced two then-just released Finding Nemo flavors from Edy's/Dreyer's. The two flavors included mint Cookie Crush and Fish 'n' Chips (consisting of chocolate fish in a vanilla/cookie dough base). The blog also retrospects on some of the other early '00 flavors which we know your taste buds remember.

These included, Toy Story 2's Chunky Toy Funilla and Infinity Divinity, 102 Dalmatians' Vanilla & Chocolate Dalmatian Sensation, Treasure Planet's Galactic Chocolate & Vanilla Treasure, and, from Monsters, Inc.'s original release, Cookies and Screams and another flavor called Monster's DeLight.

However, recently, as per Disney Food Blog, the constituents of Edy's/Dreyer's tie-ins are Toy Story 4's, Chocolate Peanut Butter Prize, and Carnival Churro Cravings in addition to Frozen 2's Magical Mint Snowflake and ChocOLAF Fudge Swirl. Whoa, did you miss out on any of these? Well, don't worry, you have another chance – Edy's/Dreyer's have decided to re-release Monster's Inc.'s Cookies and Screams, which Jim Hill Media blog believes, seems to have an original early millennium flavor.

The release will also include Incredibles-2 inspired Jack-Jack Cookie Crumble. If you're worried, then rest assured because, according to Jim Hill Media Blog, Cookies and Screams is far from being basic and has an original early millennium flavor. The Instagrammer Candyhunting treated himself with a tub of Meijer and reviewed it as "vanilla light ice cream, chocolate cookie pieces, a fudge swirl, and chocolatey Mike and Sulley pieces." If anything, it is perfectly timed for the new Monsters, Inc. TV series to drop.

The Jack-Jack Cookie Crumble is a hat tip to the youngest Incredible's famous love of chocolate chip cookies. However, surprisingly it has not chocolate chips or chocolate chip cookie crumbs involved in it. Candhunting instead has an interesting label for the flavor "chocolate and vanilla light ice cream, a chocolate cookie swirl, and chocolatey mask pieces."

Even though it sure is tasty, all this "light ice cream" stuff does make it all confusing. How much could you have the calorie content dipped, especially with all the cookie and candy mix-ins? Well, no point being trivial and we all might as well enjoy it. Even though the movies that inspired it all behind the curtains are evergreen, no word is out on duration of this releases' run and it may be possible that the supply may run out. So it'd be smart of you to get yourself a few cartons while you can and enjoy it with a midwinter movie-watching binge.