Disneyland's Corn Dog Nachos Are A Dream Come True (Photos)

Disneyland. The most magical place on Earth. This wondrous, happy place is the birthplace of dreams come true, for both little and big kids, and adults who are still very much in touch with their child-like hearts.

Disneyland approached 62 years old back in July, but old as this kingdom may be, inside belies an ever-changing and fresh-as-new world, still full of secrets and wonder that the "real world" just barely touches.

One of the many draws to Disneyland is its "good eats," which, if found outside its fantastic walls, is met with, well … something less than fantastic. Ever the magic-makers, Disneyland combined two classic American theme park favorites, to make something impossibly delicious: Corn Dog Nachos.

Served at Disneyland's Grand Californian Hotel, the mini corn dogs are covered with your choice of nacho toppings (and in generous heaps!), which include nacho cheese, guacamole, pickled jalapenos and tomatoes.

Instagram user disneyhungry, posted the Corn Dog Nachos, saying it's only available during the month of September as part of the "hot dog of the month" and White Water Snacks. If you have the chance to enter the walls of Disneyland before this month is over, you've been summoned.

Disneyland is also known to fulfill our theme park food dreams, pumping life and magic into the otherwise plain corn dogs and run-of-the-mill chocolate chip cookies, nothing-special-ice cream, or what-have-yous.

The reason? Disneyland is a place of magic, and every detail, especially its food, is labored over with complicated spells and lots of care.

Somewhere around Pooh Corner at Disneyland, you'll come across the Disneyland bakeries. No. 2 Pencil crowns these chocolate chip cookies, pictured below, as magnificent and one of the many amazing things to eat at the park.

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While you're riding the sugar wave, plunge into yet another with a large swirl soft-serve ice cream, found at California Adventure's Paradise Pier Ice Cream Company. A rich, towering, melting slide of ice cream will sure have you flying from one magical adventure to the next. 29 Amazing Things to Eat and Drink at Disneyland - What to Eat at Disneyland Tips and Tricks

It is no wonder Disneyland theme park goers walk around with huge, excited grins: the marvelous, out-of-this-world castles, familiar cartoons characters of our youths, and, of course, the delicious aromas of soft-baked cookies and soft-serve ice cream. Now add to the mix a hybrid American favorite, the Corn Dog Nachos.

All these things, at once, convince you, lure you, cast some kind of magical spell over you, leaving you speechless but smiling. The only thoughts you can gather ring melodically over and over in a sing-song way: Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth.