DIY Girl Scout Cookie Mixes Now Available In Stores Year Round

Everybody has their favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor, but not all of us have it together enough actually to get our hands on an authentic box when Girl Scout season rolls around.

Between myself and my mother, we are infamously terrible at acquiring the treats when they're available (I haven't had a genuine Tagalong in probably 11 years), which is weird because I think about them a lot. More than the average not-actually-a-Girl-Scout person probably should, actually.

Which is why when Pillsbury announced its new licensing relationship with Girl Scouts of the USA to bring to market Thin Mint and Caramel & Coconut (read: Samoa) Flavored Baking Mixes — based off two of America’s most popular Girl Scout Cookie flavors — I low-key lost my cool.

"We are very pleased about our licensing relationship with Girl Scouts of the USA, as our brands share a similar personality of happiness and fun—a common characteristic of bringing people together," Maribeth Burns, Vice President, Corporate Communications, The J.M. Smucker Company, said in the press release. "We hope these fan-favorite flavors encourage baking amongst friends and family alike.”

The new baking mixes will allow you to “recreate the crave-worthy flavors at home” in the form of cupcakes, blondies and brownies. The products are free of added colors, preservatives and artificial flavoring agents.

The Pillsbury Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Baking Mixes are retailing at a suggested price of $3.29, and are available wherever groceries are sold nationwide. You can visit for recipes and product info.

Now all we have to do is cross our fingers and wait for a Tagalong iteration to emerge…