Do You Really Want To Know What's In Your Hot Dog?

Pretty much everyone loves a good hot dog, especially during barbecue season. And there are plenty of kinds to choose from: beef, chicken, turkey, even meatless for the vegetarians! But how often do you question what's really in your hot dog? Do you even want to know?

A group of scientists in Malaysia have decided: Yes, they want to know. And their findings aren't looking so delicious after all.

According to Munchies, the study was performed using DNA testing to identify the meats inside 20 franks purchased from Malaysian markets. Surprisingly, they found that there was a "rampant substitution of beef with buffalo." In other words, you might be eating hot dogs consisting of buffalo meat rather than beef. Does that change your appetite for the staple food of backyard barbecues and baseball games? 

Munchies reports that substitutions of beef with both buffalo and horse meat are getting out of hand, due to high prices of beef. So you might prefer to opt for the meatless versions after all.

On the bright side, this type of study goes to show that false advertising and secret substitutions are not going to fly for long. Thanks to scientists and those with inquisitive minds, these types of secrets are brought into the light and communicated to the public enough that food producers are forced into honesty, or should be, soon enough. Three cheers for scientists!