Do You Wanna Eat A 72-Ounce Pumpkin Cheesecake? (Photos)

Sam's Club: the mecca for all your bulk needs. You do Sam's Club grocery shopping for the months, not weeks, to come.

Everything lining the shelves is double, sometimes triple, the size found in grocery stores. Extra-large items are piled skyward in extra-large carts that precariously lean with each corner. Customers fill their carts as if they're hoarding for the worst of times, but really, it's probably just the usual monthly Club haul.

Checking off the usual Sam's shopping list, you've got enough laundry detergent to fill an industrial-grade vat, mega rolls of toilet paper, several tubs of Nutella and peanut butter, bottled water stacked like towers. And last but not least ... a ready-to-serve, 72-ounce pumpkin cheesecake (because this is Sam's Club and why not?).

A supersized pumpkin cheesecake will cost members $15.98 and can easily feed a family of 14 or more. The Sam's Club cheesecake weighs in at 4 pounds and contains all the delicious ingredients that make up the perfect creamy, dense pumpkin cheesecake -- a swirl of pumpkin, and delicious fall spices. It's made New York-style, ringed with whipped cream topping, a sprinkling of toasted walnuts and, of course, what would this behemoth cheesecake be without a graham cracker crust.

Delish pointed out that the, usually considered massive, 34-ounce original Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, still weighs just half of Sam's cheesecake.

The cheesecake will be available at all Sam's Club stores through Thanksgiving -- which is the most appropriate time to buy this heavyweight cheesecake, to fill the bellies of immediate and extended family.

According to Sam's Club, it has a shelf life of a year -- so if a pumpkin pie craving strikes you early, you can grab yourself a week's supply and probably still have enough leftover to feed your intended guests.

Do you want to eat a 72-ounce pumpkin cheesecake? Actually, with Thanksgiving coming upon us, what we're really asking is: When will you be eating your 72-ounce pumpkin cheesecake?