Dominique Ansel's New Creation? A Dessert Crab (Photos)

Feeling crabby?

I know just the thing to cheer you up!

How about one of these stunning and adorable crab-inspired desserts:

No, there's no actual seafood in there. It's all sweet stuff from French pastry god Dominique Ansel, and it looks dang delicious.

A sweet take on Singapore Chilli Crab, this dish uses a white chocolate shell filled with sweet mango mousse, rich coconut panna cotta cream and bits of buttery pandan jelly, and the whole thing just looks like tons of fun.

According to Rocket News 24, the cute critter sits on a bed of mango chunks and tapioca "crab egg" pearls, and the eyeballs are made out of milk chocolate.

One thing is clear -- the $22 dessert is all about the experience you have cracking open the claw and the body, though the medley of different textures doesn't sound too bad either!

"The tangy flavor of the mango mousse and the sweetness of the chocolate shell together made for a delightful combination!" said the Rocket News 24 folks who tasted the treat.

In some social media posts, the shell looks a little thick and hard to crack with the tiny wooden mallet provided, but I guess that's part of the fun, right? It just makes the gooey insides that much more rewarding when you finally get to it. But if you must, a regular metal spoon will surely do the job.

"There definitely was plenty of mousse inside the claw," said the reviewers. " … The ripe mango pieces added a surprising element of freshness to the entire flavor of the dessert. And the tapioca pearls of course provided an enjoyable, chewy texture! … The sweet-yet-mild-tasting coconut panna cotta was sheer bliss, and it naturally combined well with the tropical flavor of the pandan."

It sounds great! Still, not everybody loved it. A few Instagrammers experienced sweetness overload, although it seems that it all depends on how you curate your bite, since the garnishes might help balance that out. 

The adorable crustacean treat is perfect to share with some friends!

We followed Google map all the way to Dominque Ansel Bakery in Shibuya for this limited edition Singaporean "Chilli Crab" dessert ?? It is packaged beautifully in a cute wooden box with a baby hammer to crack open the shell! The shell is made of white chocolate and although the name suggests it should have some level of heat, it does not. The crab has 2 main claws and 2 back legs, all filled with a "mango mousse" that tasted very similar to the canned Rellure/Alphonso ataulfo mango purée they use to make mango pudding at Chinese dim sum. Same flavour and texture. The main body is filled with a "coconut panna cotta" & "pandan jelly". The taste and texture here is pretty identical to coconut pudding with pandan jelly. Eyes are made of milk chocolate. This crab came at a price tag of Y2400 ($27.20 CAD or $21.93 USD) and it's about the size of my palm. The 4 of us couldn't finish it because it was on the sweet side but it makes for a fantastic post!!

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Sadly, it is only available at Dominique Ansel Bakery Omotesando in Tokyo, Japan, and you can only get it until Sept. 10, but I'm hoping something similar pops up in the U.S. soon!