Doritos-Flavored Peanuts For On-The-Go Snacking (Photo)

Doritos "Cool Ranch" and "Nacho Cheese" are two major household flavors we know and love so much that we lick the dust off our fingers without shame to get every last bit of flavor into our pleading gullets. Others (certainly not this writer) will lick the bag clean.

Lucky for us, Frito-Lay has looked into this puzzling but profitable reaction to its products, and found a much more socially acceptable mechanism to tumble our Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese flavors directly into our mouths. Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch-flavored "Crunch Nuts" and "Crunch Mix" come in nifty, resealable paper pouches that solve not a single one of our primal urges to slop (stork-style) into Dorito bags.

However, as is the case with popcorn, it is much more forgiving to shove a handful of snack mix or peanuts into your mouth, which so happen to taste like Cool Ranch and Doritos Nacho Cheese. That's one problem solved.

According to Brand Eating, the main draw to Frito-Lay's latest foray into the peanut-crunching crowd is the roasted peanuts, which are covered in crunchy Doritos Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch-flavored shell.

The Crunch Nuts package contains just the flavored peanuts, while the Crunch Mix adds in a hodge podge of delicious snacky foods, like puffs, pretzel bites, corn sticks and Doritos signature 3-D triangles. The snack company calls it a "multi-sensorial experience," but it really sounds like Doritos' rendition of Chex Mix, which sounds so delicious, the only discernible reason not to try them is if, of course, you have a peanut allergy.

The packaging, a "multidimensional" scored cardboard box, reveals Frito-Lay's fine-tuned attention to detail. Rather than a limp, shapeless plastic bag, Doritos Crunch Mix and Crunch Nuts come in a sturdy, portable package, solving the problem with on-the-go snacking. Now, that's two problems solved! Although, we could probably do away with the foldable flap; this snack is typically enjoyed as a one-sitting affair.

You can find Doritos Crunch Nuts and Crunch Mix at retailers nationwide in convenient 3-ounce packages, labeled as "two serving sizes," which are far less overindulgent than a Family Size bag of Doritos. That's three problems solved and at article's end, at least half a dozen reasons to grab yourself some Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese-dusted nuts.