Doritos Is Bringing Back A Fan-Favorite Flavor!

Well, we think Doritos is bringing back this flavor … although it's just a rumor as of right now. The fan-favorite "Blazin' Buffalo Ranch" has been allegedly spotted recently in different locations around the country. Could it be true?

Delish reports that Doritos is "reviving the chip that fans have been begging for…" There's even a Facebook fan page for the popular chips, so you know these fans are serious. It's been reported that a bag of the Blazin' Buffalo Ranch Doritos was spotted in October 2016 by one Facebook user fan in New York. He even said that samples were being given out at a Frito-Lay warehouse in that state. "I think you all might just get your wish," he posted, referring, of course, to everyone's wish to see this flavor return. "I think they are coming back."

In mid-December 2016, there was another reported sighting of the same flavor in Oklahoma. This fan was even bold enough to post that the chip would be back in January 2017. How does anyone know for sure, though? No one else has been known to mention any report of the chip's return, but there was a random sighting also posted by a Flickr user showing the baby-blue bags on a shelf in an unnamed store. It's looking pretty positive so far for fans … but nothing has been confirmed yet.

On the other hand, Doritos has plenty of flavors you can enjoy in the  meantime, including the Doritos Jacked Ranch-Dipped Hot Wings flavor. As Frito-Lay suggests, these chips are "Bigger, Bolder," and "Thicker" than previous flavors. Who knows? Maybe cult followers of the Blazin' Buffalo Ranch flavor would like this one even better? Otherwise there are plenty of Doritos Mix varieties to choose from, as well as new flavors like Spicy Sweet Chili and Salsa Verde.

You can find these flavors as part of a list of all that Doritos has to offer on the Frito-Lay website, so check it out and see what you'd like to binge on until it's time for the return of the much-loved Blazin' Buffalo Ranch flavor. We're feeling pretty optimistic!