DoubleTree Is Giving Out Free Cookies Until Christmas! (Photo)

Each Christmas Eve, ol' Saint Nick plummets through the chimney gut-first, inching his belly full of cookies and milk through the vent, eventually splaying gift-wrapped presents across the hearth and under a blinking Christmas tree. His benevolent presence as a temporary house guest usually goes rewarded with more cookies to aid in his next excursion across the street. Or so the story goes.

The adults are the real masterminds and wallets behind Christmas splendor. For all the planning, wrapping and buying, you are awarded a plateful of cookies. And those cookies are the only impetus pulling the whole nighttime operation into play. But DoubleTree is offering their share of cookies too, without the pageantry of being Santa Claus.

In celebration of National Cookie Day, DoubleTree by Hilton is giving away free cookies to anyone who stops by. But the biggest lure of all is you don't have to be a guest (or pretend to be a guest) to be rewarded a cookie. From Dec. 13 through Dec. 24, the hotel will be offering free treats for its second annual 12 Days of Cookies event.

For parents, this is your opportunity to take a break from being Santa and enjoy DoubleTree's signature chocolate chip cookie, offered gratis to guests of the hotel. Just walk into any DoubleTree nationwide and ask for a complimentary cookie. You won't be questioned, turned away for not being a guest, and you will most certainly not have to act as the reindeer-toting "house guest" to receive a well-deserved chocolate cookie. The 12 Days of Cookies gambit promotes DoubleTree's warm welcome to all guests during the holidays and throughout the year.

The chain began offering cookies in 1986 during "turndown service" (when guest's linens are prepared for use) but were moved to the front desk in 1995. According to Delish, the DoubleTree hands out 75,000 cookies every day! Only a handful of bakeries have the secret cookie recipe, which reveals how these delicious baked goods turn out perfectly gooey and chocolaty every time.

There's no such thing as a free lunch, but nobody said anything about cookies.