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Drool Over These 13 Delectable Fast Food Gifs

We have a very important announcement!

November 16 is National Fast Food Day, and we couldn't be more thrilled about the stupendously great excuse to gorge ourselves on a burger and fries and a soda and whatever else!

On this momentous occasion, we recommend going completely over the top and ordering whatever the heck you are craving from your favorite fast food joint.

Are you craving McDonald's, perhaps?

Or just a mountain of fries? We feel that.

There's really never a bad time for a burger either.

Seriously, how can you turn down one of these? Look at all that bacon! And those onion rings! Imagine the incredible flavors and textures your mouth will experience when you chomp down on one of these bad boys.

What is more delicious than watching some nice thick, charred burger patties getting flipped?

Don't forget the cheese!

Or are you more in the mood for a giant slab of pepperoni pizza?

How can you beat a perfectly chewy crust, savory sauce and nice bubbling, melty cheese?

We might be too impatient to eat those gorgeous slices one at a time though...

If pizza isn't your thing, why not devour a big bucket of crispy, tender fried chicken?

Oh yeah, that's right. Look how juicy and well-seasoned this chicken is. We could never turn it down!

Whatever your fast food preference is, we hope you enjoy the crap out of it! Happy Fast Food Day!