Dunkin' Donuts Is Changing Its Name, And We Are Shook!

Cher. Adele. Wilson.

And now, Dunkin'.

That's right, folks: After expanding to the West Coast, the giant donut chain is changing things up and becoming a legend by removing half of their name, at least at one location.

A shop that the company is opening later in August in Pasadena, California, will simply be known as Dunkin', because, hey, why not?

"We collaborated with the franchisee to come up with the location's signage, which is unique to the Pasadena restaurant and reflects our franchisee's desire to reinforce Dunkin’s beverage-led focus," the company said in a statement to The Pasadena Star News.

Is this part of a nationwide trend? It is unclear.

"The signage at our Pasadena restaurant is unique to this specific location," said Coby Sonenshine, the spokesperson for parent company Prell Restaurant Group.

But the plot thickens. Several more Dunkin' stores will be opening soon, and Dunkin' Brands, the owner of Dunkin' Donuts, said that they are looking to emphasize in their marketing that they are a "beverage-led brand and coffee leader," according to CNN Money.

Their coffee drinks are indeed wildly popular, so it's not completely absurd for them to want to focus on that side of things, is it?

"This test coincides with our company's plans to develop a new restaurant image," Dunkin' Brands said in a statement regarding getting rid of the "Donuts" part of their label. "We do not anticipate making decisions regarding our branding until the latter half of 2018 when we begin rolling out our new store image."

The company's stock is at an all-time high, and they have plans to open between 380 and 450 additional locations in 2017, so they are doing pretty well for themselves.

Plus, if they decide to go with this change, they can keep "America Runs on Dunkin'" as their motto.