Dunkin' Donuts Launches Dark Roast Beer

Dunkin' Donuts is taking another crack at craft beer with DDark Roasted Brew to celebrate the darkest day of the year.

DDark Roasted Brew is a collaborative effort between the Canton, Massachusetts-based doughnut chain and nearby local Wormtown Brewery in Worcester. Dunkin' Donuts is treasured by New Englanders, considering its first franchise was in Worcester.

The full-bodied dark stout is befittingly matched for the darkest day of the year and will launch on Dec. 21 at 11:28 a.m. at the Wormtown Brewery taproom, marking the beginning of the winter solstice. The stout's debut will be kicked off with a ceremonial keg-tapping event that includes a special donut and beer pairing demonstration created by Dunkin' Donuts Culinary Team.

If you're curious what donuts should pair with a dark stout coffee brew, it's a Double Chocolate Cake Donut with DDark Roasted Brew. Dunkin's culinary team reports that the chocolate pairing is ideal with the dark-roasted flavors; the notes are brought out by the smooth body of the beer and creaminess of the chocolate icing and coffee beans.

DDark Roasted Brew, the first beer to be brewed with Dunkin' Donuts Dark Roast coffee beans, reportedly has a "full-roasted coffee flavor reminiscent of freshly-ground beans with a creamy mouthfeel," according to the doughnut chain. Worcester residents will get an exclusive taste of a stout beer made with Dunkin's house brand coffee beans while supplies last.

And, as Dunkin's old stomping ground, Wormtown Brewery will also spread DD lovin' by donating $11,500 to Worcester Food Bank this 2017 holiday season, according to Elite Daily.

DDark Roasted Brew is Dunkin's second swing at beer next to Dunkin' Punkin Brown Ale, released back in September 2017 as a partnership with Charlotte, North Carolina-based Catawba Brewing Co. The beer, sold in small batches for limited time, was given high praises stirring Dunkin' into more beer collaborations with breweries such as Wormtown.

Food and Wine reports that the doughnut chain has no specific plans for more beer-related programming, but we hope Dunkin's pint partnerships will make its rounds nationally.