E. Coli Has Killed More Of Your Dreams, This Time It's Betty Crocker Cake Mix

Thought that General Mills flour recall was over? WELL IT'S NOT, AND NO CARB IS SAFE.

And by that alarming sentence, we mean that you should probably throw out your Betty Crocker cake mixes because they're made with -- you guessed it -- General Mills' Wondra flour.

Betty Crocker ~Super Moist~ cake mixes recalled in the U.S. include the Party Rainbow Chip Mix (the one with pudding inside, I tearfully remind you) and the Carrot Cake Mix. 

If you've got either of these bad boys sitting on your shelf awaiting baking and frosting, you can at least contact General Mills consumer relations for a refund. But we understand money won't make up for time away from cake. 

Check out the full list of recalled items here to be sure E. coli hasn't killed more of your dreams.