Easy Oreo Microwave Fudge

Easy Oreo Microwave Fudge

We’re all about easy recipes that require no more than 5 ingredients - cue, Easy Oreo Microwave Fudge. For those with serious constant chocolate cravings, this recipe will give you full chocolate bliss - no distractions, no flavor contrasts, just 100% full chocolate flavor through and through. It doesn’t take any fancy machinery or cooking/baking methods to achieve these fudge bites, just simply a microwave and your fridge.

All you need to do is melt the chocolate with condensed milk, vanilla, and salt, spread the mixture into a pan, sprinkle in Oreos, and wait for it to set. The best part is that the recipe takes only 10 minutes to achieve.

The worst part is the waiting (it’s always the waiting) which takes up to 4 hours. But you know how the saying goes, patience is a virtue and trust us, the wait is well worth it in the end.   If you want to get creative, feel free to sprinkle in any chocolate-loaded ingredients like chocolate chips, M&Ms, Reese’s, or even hot fudge drizzle and sprinkles.

These fudge bites can be as outrageous or simple as you desire!  

RECIPE and IMAGES: https://wonkywonderful.com/easy-oreo-microwave-fudge/