Eat like a King Anywhere You Go

Eat like a King Anywhere You Go


Maine Seafood. Fresh off the coast of Maine divulge into the lobster galore paired with a buttery dipping sauce. Rhode Island Clams. Shuck ‘em and bask in the briney sensation of a plate full of raw Quahogs. Spread some sweet cocktail sauce or if you are looking to spice things up, smack a dab of horseradish or tabasco. Boston Italian. Wander towards the North end of town and uncover authentic Italian food..  


New Orleans Crawfish Boil. Boil up a big pot of crawfish with all of the spicy fixings. Tennessee Meat and three. This concept perks your ears right up! Order one meat and choose not only one, but three sides from their list of daily specials. North Carolina She-Crab bisque. Blue crabs flourish in the Atlantic, making this soup a hot commodity in North Carolina. The creamy base paired with a hint of dry sherry will have you lickin’ your lips.  


Wisconsin Cheese curds. Imagine lightly breaded balls of cheese that have the ultimate ooze factor when you pull them apart, pure heaven. Chicago Deep dish pizza, of course. Let the sauce and cheese sink into the caramelized crusted pizza walls. Minnesota Tater tot hotdish. Cream of mushroom soup gently caresses the crispy tater tot and is baked to perfection. If you haven’t tried this, you haven’t lived yet.  


California In-N-Out. Did you really go to California if you didn’t snap a picture of your In-N-Out burger? Arizona Sonoran hot dog. This sizzlin’ dog is originally from Mexico, but is now a staple in southern Arizona. The hot dog is wrapped in bacon and placed in a bolillo-style bun. Sprinkled with a variety of toppings, this dog packs on the flavor. Colorado Lamb. Yes, this is quite the shocker (did anyone else think wild mushrooms?). Colorado is one of the biggest lamb producers, so you will find fresh tender lamb in this mountainous state.  


Oregon Hazelnuts. Oregon produces 95% of the United State’s hazelnuts., so snack on these nutty buddies, you won’t find any shortage of them here Wyoming Bison burger. Bison roam the roaring Wyoming lands which makes the meat fresh and a popular commodity amongst the state. Bison has a lighter, sweeter flavor and is healthier alternative compared to the stereotypical beef burger. Montana Elk. Montana is known for their high-quality meats due to the plains of land for the elk to feast on. The flavor is similar to beef but with a cleaner, sweeter flavor.